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I am a self-confessed perfectionist wholly passionate about my work. Whether creating cutaway or exploded view illustrations, full colour illustrations or 2D/3D line art I use my perfected techniques to achieve the best result. It is exceedingly difficult to convey artistic ability through words, however my skills include the following:

With digital line art, rather than rendered CAD images, I try to simulate the quality of conventional pen and ink linework. By using highlights to create the effect of reflected light the illustration has more 'life' and consequently to the human eye a more natural and aesthetically pleasing appearance is achieved

Technical Illustration & Authoring

For over 20 years I have provided my clients with the highest quality, perfectly finished technical illustrations. Working privately with a wide variety of clients and products has honed my ability to communicate complex technical information. As a demonstration of my skills I urge you to view examples of my work in my portfolio.

I provide illustrations for...

  • Scientific and Engineering Publications and Websites.
  • Assembly, Installation and User Instructions
  • Workshop Manuals, Parts Catalogues and Handbooks
  • Sales Brochures
  • Share Holders Publications
  • Product Portfolios
  • Application Interfaces
  • Interactive Advertising

I have, over the past twenty years, provided my clients with a reliable professional service. My success comes from being highly motivated and result driven whilst also communicating effectively with my clients and always supplying work within their deadlines. I understand many clients work under high pressure and to short timescales, with these scenarios I ensure I prioritise my work and never disappoint.


"I've had the pleasure of working with Gerald for many years and he has consistently and professionally provided superb illustrations. Gerald clearly works with his clients to address their business's needs and brings their needs to life. It is not often you find an individual with his illustrative talents combined with professional discipline, I have every confidence Gerald would be an excellent asset to any organization he supports." Senior Manager, Renishaw plc.

"Gerald provides unbelievably detailed work. We recommend him to business associates and clients and continue to use him on our own projects for one primary reason: high quality, professionally delivered illustrations." Partner, Lister Petter.

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Some of my favourite illustrations...

Colour 3D Product Showcase Vector Illustration
Black and White 3D Engine Conventional Illustration
Colour 3D Renishaw Renscan Assembly Vector Illustration
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